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With so much at stake, it’s important that your live auction be conducted by a professional, SAA-licensed auctioneer.

Don’t risk potential revenue by gambling on the performance, advice, overall effectiveness. Hire a Saskatchewan Auctioneers Association licensed auctioneer. We have professional, experienced, licensed auctioneers for all your auction needs, including:

  • livestock,
  • antiques
  • household items
  • farm auctions
  • automobiles
  • office, farm and industrial equipment and machinery
  • art
  • fundraisers and galas
  • and much more.

When it’s done correctly, nothing can compare to the competitive bidding environment you will experience in a live auction.

A professional auctioneer creates an exhilarating atmosphere where people want to bid on merchandise. They are skilled marketers who know how to get your auction sale information into the hands of the customers you are looking for. And once the auction is underway, our auctioneers know how to create a sense of excitement and urgency that gets everyone motivated and and bidding.

Our proven and professional auctioneers can do all this – and more – for you.

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